Workshop with HIT

Between 25 February to 3 March, Drs. Haibo Guo and Yu Dong, both are Associate Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, China, took a group of nine students to visit Sheffield for a workshop organised by Dr. Guo, Dr. Yu Dong and Wen-Shao. The theme of the workshop is to employ one of the three designated structural system: (1) Grid shell; (2) Reciprocal frame; and (3) Tensegrity system, to develop a large span structure using timber as the construction material. 

The students were split into two groups. The workshop involved lectures given by Dr. Chang, and site visit to the Winter Garden and the Moore Market in the city centre of Sheffield. The students were then briefed and spent two days for independent study/research with tutorial support. At the end of the workshop, each group gave presentation on their scheme in the review, the reviewers include Dr. Chang and Prof. Jian Kang. The students will have further three weeks to develop their scheme for the final review in China. The group of the students have created a Blog for this project, this can be found [here].

Dr. Chang gave lecture on timber design
visit to the Moore Market
Review of final presentation

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