Visit of Notting Hill Gate

Wen-Shao has worked with ElliottWood, an award winning engineering consultancy firm, on a project in the Notting Hill Gate which uses CLT floors in a steel framed structure. The structure needs to be extended vertically, and therefore timber becomes a good option due to its light weight. The timber’s suitability in this project can be evidenced by the text on their webpage …”To minimise load increases to the existing foundations and columns, the new storeys are to be constructed out of a lightweight steel frame with CLT panels – a construction benefiting from simplicity in detailing with exposed timber soffits; reducing the construction programme; minimising deliveries to site and…. a negative embedded carbon footprint.“.  To verify the assumption during the design process, Wen-Shao helped to measured the floor vibration and analyse the data then will provide some advise on the design assumption in the future. 


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