Miss Yin Liu

Yin is a certified Passive House Designer and has received her MSc degree in Environmental Design from the University of Bath in 2016, she started her PhD study since October 2016 in Bath and joined Sheffield in 2017. She is now working on Fatigue Life of Connections for Plug-in System using prefabricated timber panels. Her publication include:

  • Guo H, Liu Y, Meng Y, Huang H, Sun C & Shao Y. 2017. A Comparison of the Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Performance between Reinforced Concrete and Cross-Laminated Timber Structures in Residential Buildings in the Severe Cold Region of China. Sustainability, 9 (8), 1426-1440.
  • Guo H, Liu Y, Chang W-S, Shao Y & Sun C. 2017. Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in the Operation Stage of Cross Laminated Timber Residential Buildings in China. Sustainability, 9(2), 292-292.
  • Liu Y, Guo H, Sun C & Chang W-S. 2016. Assessing Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as an Alternative Material for Mid-Rise Residential Buildings in Cold Regions in China—A Life-Cycle Assessment Approach. Sustainability, 8(10), 1047-1047.