Dr. Wen-Shao Chang

Wen-Shao is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Sheffield School of Architecture, he joined the University of Sheffield in 2017. In Sheffield, he leads People, Environments, and Performance Research Group, he facilitates and works with group members to carry out research relevant to sustainable built environment and self-development. Before Sheffield, he worked at the University of Bath as a Lecturer and the Kyoto University, Japan, as a JSPS Post-Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Associate Professor. Wen-Shao has a dual background in Architecture and Structural Engineering, and was awarded the degrees of BS Arch, MS Arch and PhD all from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

Wen-Shao is interested in exploring how natural materials can be used to minimise the environmental impact caused by the construction industry as well as strategies to achieve low impact in buildings. His research interested include: Timber and Bamboo Engineering, Material Properties of Natural Building Materials, Smart Materials and Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Conservation of Historic Buildings. To work with industry and provide specialist advice to engineers and architects all over the world, he is partner of a UK-based consultancy firm: Time for Timber Ltd. Wen-Shao currently is series editor of  Routledge Research in Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation.

Wen-Shao is now sitting on two British Standard Institution committees, B/525/5 (Structural Use of Timber) and B/518 (Structural Timber) to facilitate the development of design guidelines for the industry. He is also UK lead delegate on CEN/TC124/WG3 dealing with glulam and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and has participated in the draft of prEN16929:2015, dealing with dynamic test of timber floors.

If you are interested in working together with Wen-Shao, please get in touch.