Mr. Qiushi Peng

Qiushi has a BSc degree in Architecture at North China University of Technology, China, and was awarded his MSc degree in Conservation of Historic Building at the University of Bath in 2013. His MSc dissertation “Earthquake Resistance Performance of Chinese Traditional Architecture”. He started his PhD project on “Accelerated ageing for timber components” on October 2013, and moved to Sheffield in 2017. His PhD project works with University of Bangor and looks at chemical composition and mechanical properties of timber after accelerated and natural ageing. His publication include:

  • Peng Q. 2013. Earthquake Resistance Performance of Chinese Traditional Architecture. MSc dissertation. University of Bath. [Download]
  • Peng Q, Chang W-S & Ormondroyd G. Chemical Composition and Mechanical Behaviour Change on New and Ancient Pine (Pinus Densiflora) During Heat-Treatment in Vacuum and Air. Timber 2018. London, UK.