Timber Design Learning Material

There are several useful resources to learn timber design, different sources have different focus. In this section, I upload some learning materials for Timber Engineering, I aim to make this to be open resources for learning as much as possible and have tried to deal with copyright issues as much as I can. If you have spot any concern, please get in touch, otherwise, please work your way to learn timber design. There is also a new initiative called “Timber Online Education”, which will kick start shortly. Please visit their website to see how they get on.

Timber Talks/Lectures

Bath November Timber Talks 2016

While I was still associated with Bath in 2016, I invited four main figures in timber design in the UK to give a series talk on timber. The first talk was given by Andrew Waugh to share his experience on why architects want to use timber in their buildings. The second talk was given by Andrew Lawrence who is the global timber leader in Arup, he has extensive experiences in working with architects on various timber projects, and he shared his experiences in working with different architects on a number of timber projects. The third talk was given by Gavin White, who shared his experiences on working with CLT. The talk was closed by Prof. Richard Harris to share his experience in how we can use timber to make our clients successful. The lecture rooms and all the facility was provided by the University of Bath, which was greatly acknowledged.

Practical Application in Construction
This is part of Advanced Timber Engineering course Prof. Richard Harris and myself developed in Bath, I invited Nick Nearchou to give a lecture on practical issues in designing timber structures. Again the resources provided by the University of Bath are hugely appreciated.


Timber Design Issues

Timber floor vibrations


Cracks in timber